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Sandisk SD Memory Cards

Until recent times Memory Mania offered a few choices of manufacturers in the SD (which is code really for all of these Secure Digital / SDHC / SDXC) memory cards. Lexar then pulled out of the memory card market (they were our second biggest seller) leaving Sandisk along with a pile of minor players. We have decided to focus principally if not solo on Sandisk SD memory cards now. This may change in the future but for now, Sandisk is THE memory card brand.

The Sandisk range of SD Memory Cards includes the Sandisk ULTRA SD Memory Cards (the slowest but cheapest option), the Sandisk Extreme SD Memory Cards (which we tend not to stock as the price difference and speed compared to the Extreme Pro SD range is minimal) and the fastest options (including currently the 95mb/s range and the 300mb/s SD memory card range) which are Sandisk Extreme Pro SD memory cards.

Sandisk SD memory cards for cameras. Sandisk SD memory cards for phones.

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