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Sandisk MicroSD Memory Cards

Memory Mania has been in the memory card market for well over a decade. We have seen competitors come and go. We have seen memory card manufacturers come and go. The most recent and most "out of the blue" to leave the market was Lexar. Lexar took second spot albeit a long way behind Sandisk.

Now that Sandisk is near on the 100% card sold in Australia we have decided to focus our efforts solely on promoting Sandisk memory cards. If you are questioning our logic please remember that the decision is based on a decade of experience. We want you to ONLY have a good experience. The last thing you want from your memory card is a failure, especially for instant when on holidays or at a Once-Off shoot.

So now that we have that out of the way. We offer for sale the best of the best Sandisk MicroSD memory cards. The cheapest option for a Sandisk Microsd card is the Sandisk Ultra range. As of January 2018, the Ultra MicroSD runs at a 100mb/s just as does the Sandisk Extreme Pro MicroSD. So WHY BUY the more expensive Extreme Pro Microsd card then? Well the Extreme Pro has V30 technology. Without going into the science of V39, it is simply that they are made to process 4K video with ease and accuracy, the Ultra range is not. The Sandisk Ultra MicroSD cards are for up to and including full HD, 1080p video. Please bare that in mind when making your purchase.

As a closing note remember that the name Sandisk use such as Ultra, Extreme, Extreme Pro is COMPLETELY irrelevant. It is a guide but other than that it is only marketing. What you need to look for is the speed of the card and whether you need V30 technology or not.

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