Fujifilm CashBack 2018 2019 What qualifies? Terms & Conditions.

Fujifilm Cash Back 2018 - 2019

Update 1st October 2018. Fujifilm has today introduced a new range of Cash Backs to run from today to 16th January 2019. Note that the invoice must be dated within that range and that you must make your claim by 6th February 2019.

This latest range allows for
X-H1 and X-t2 - $350
Xpro2 - $300 !!!!
X-T100, X-t20, X-e3 and X100F - $150
X-a5 - $100
XF 100-400mm - $350
XF 16-55mm, XF 50-140mm - $250
XF 14mm, 16mm, 56mm APD, 80mm, 90mm, 10-24mm - $200
XF 23mm f1.4, 56mm, 18-55mm,18-135,55-200mm - $150
XF 18mm, 23mm f2, 27mm, 35mm f1.4, 35mm f2, 50mm, 60mm - $100
GF 250mm - $1000 !!!!!
GF25mm, 110mm, 120mm - $850
GF 32-64mm - $750
GF63mm - $450
GF 45mm - $400
All damn good I reckon.

We have added to this page as 2018 has rolled around. The cash backs do change as time passes. If Fujifilm Australia is doing a cashback then so are we in-conjunction with Fujifilm Australia. We make a note on each product that is entitled to cash back each time. Fully details can of course be gained on www.fujifilm.com.au

Fujifilm Cash Back 2017

Fujifilm Australia have just announced a new round of Fujifilm CashBacks for 2017. The Cash Backs are split between the GFX50s Body and GF Lenses and the Fujifilm X cameras and XF Lenses.

Cash Back deals start on 16th October 2017 and will run until 7th January 2018. These dates refer to the date of purchase from us as your Fujifilm Australia authorised stockist. The Cash Back is via redemption, applies to Australian residents only, All Cash Back claims must be made by 31st January 2018. To claim go to www.fujifilm.com.au

The first of the Cash Backs from Fujifilm applies to the X range of Fuji cameras and some Fujifilm XF Lenses. You can claim up to $300 so it is worth your while to check them out. The following Cash Backs are available.
Fujifilm X-Pro2 $300
Fujfiljm X-T2 $150
Fujfiljm X-T20 $75
Additionally you can make a claim for Cash Back on the following Fujifilm XF Lenses as follows
XF 16-55mm $200
XF 50-140mm $200
XF 100-400mm $200
XF 56mm APD $200
XF 14mm $150
XF 16mm $150
XF 23mm f1.4 $150
XF 56mm $150
XF 90mm $150
XF 10-24mm $150
XF 18-55mm $150
XF 18-135mm $150
XF 55-200mm $150
XF 18mm $75
XF 27mm $75
XF 35mm f1.4 $75
XF 60mm $75

For the first time Fujifilm Australia is offering a Cash Back on its GFX50s body and GF Lenses as follows.

GFX50s +GF23mm $1300
GFX50s +GF45mm $1300
GFX50s +GF63mm $1300
GFX50s +GF110mm $1300
GFX50s +GF120mm $1300
GFX50s +GF32-64mm $1300

Or you may wish to buy a Fujifilm GF lens for its Cash Back as follows
Fujifilm GF23mm Only $700
Fujifilm GF45mm Only $400
Fujifilm GF63mm Only $400
Fujifilm GF110mm Only $700
Fujifilm GF120mm Only $700
Fujifilm GF32-64mm Only $550

Remember that the claim MUST be made not later than 31st January 2018.

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