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Australian Warranty

Local Warranty, Service and Support

All products sold by More4Less are covered by an Australian Warranty. This can be either the Manufacturer’s warranty or a More4Less Warranty depending on the products origin. The warranty itself is a "Manufacturers faults, defects, parts and labour warranty". This means that any fault that is deemed to be due to manufacturing will be covered by the warranty for any parts and labour required to fix it. In some cases when the cost of repair outweighs that of a replacement, a suitable replacement product may be offered.

How Does It Work?

Simply, products still under warranty are sent back to More4Less for processing. We use local authorised repairers and we manage the repair for you. 
Note: Some products have longer than a 12 month warranty. Please check individual product pages for details.

Products with EXTRA product care cover are available through United Warranties. They are FAST and very efficient.

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Should you have a warranty claim, please send us an email.


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